Palm Harbor Sedation Dentistry

Let’s be honest, most people do not wake up in the morning enthusiastically screaming, “I’m going to the dentist today, YAHOO! Just like our other fears, visiting the dentist usually can cause anxiety. This anxiety can cause you to delay having much needed dental work. Individuals have resisted going to their Palm Harbor dentist until the dental visit was less emotionally painful that their actual toothache! Thank goodness for Palm Harbor sedation dentistry. So what is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful solution that can help patients in fear obtain the Palm Harbor dental care they need, whether its for short semi-annual checkups or actual dental work that can include: fillings, crowns, tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, anddental implants.

For more than 30 years, sedation dentistry, has helped patients be calm and receive their necessary dental procedures. FDA-approved medications are used and you are closely monitored while receiving your dental treatment.

Two options are used in a general or family dental practice. They are: Inhalation Conscious Sedation, “Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation” which is commonly referred to as “laughing gas;” and the second is called Enteral Conscious Sedation which is an “Orally Administered Sedation.” With this method, you are required to take a pill about an hour prior to your dental appointment. You will require transportation to your dental appointment, and when you arrive at the dental office, you are relaxed and able to receive treatment without experiencing anxiety.

You are put in a light state of sedation by the medicine which allows you to sleep through your dental appointment. You will not experience any pain nor have any memory of your dental procedure. The medication’s effects usually wear off in a few hours. However, depending upon your dental procedure, sedation dentistry will not prevent any post-treatment soreness.

If necessary, your Palm Harbor dentist can prescribe medication to help you during your healing period. Imagine an affordable, safe and clinically proven way for a frightened patient to have the best dental care and not even remember that it was done! The third option, which is the use IV Sedation is administered by an oral surgeon or certified dentist. This method is not used for general dentistry procedures but rather by an orao surgeon.

Your Palm Harbor dentist will first review your medical history before beginning any dental treatments. He or she will then explain how Palm Harbor Sedation Dentistry can benefit you. During your dental treatment, an instrument called a computerized pulse oximeter is used to constantly monitored you during sedation. It measures your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation. Also, a “reversal agent” is available to ensure your safety. When administered, it will quickly reverse the effect of the medication in less than 30 seconds if necessary. Prior to scheduling the appointment for your procedure, your dentist will thoroughly explain the sedation dentistry process.

What treatments can be performed under sedation?
Nearly all general dentistry procedures, as well as cosmetic dentistry can be performed using sedation techniques. You can have sedation for every dental visit, or you can also take advantage of sedation for the more involved, longer appointments. Sedation can be used for:

White composite fillings
Porcelain fillings
Porcelain veneers
Tooth whitening
Dental implants
Porcelain crowns
Dental bonding
Invisalign braces

Is Palm Harbor sedation dentistry safe?
Sedation dentistry is a very safe way to receive both general dentistry treatments or cosmetic dentistry that you need. You can have your dental work done without the worry or stress you usually experience. The oral, inhalation and IV methods offered are overseen by a highly-trained team of professionals who adhere to the principles of conservative dosing and low-risk protocol. Sedation dentistry may be your answer if you’ve ever wondered what a Palm Harbor dental visit might be like without anxiety.

More about sedation dentistry medication
Unlike General Anesthesia where a patient is completely unconscious and unable to respond, patients under “Conscious Sedation,” can breath on their own and are able to respond to commands.

The most popular methods used for sedation dentistry are:

1. Enteral Conscious Sedation “Orally Administered Sedation” is commonly called “Sedation Dentistry” and is administered by taking a pill. This results in you being able to breathe on your own and all bodily functions remaining normal. You may fall asleep and may experience some degree of amnesia. The disadvantage with this method of sedation, is that the level of sedation required for each person is not predictable.

2. Inhalation Conscious Sedation, “Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation” is better known as “laughing gas.” It is the most frequently used sedation method used in dentistry. With this sedation method, all bodily functions remain normal and you are able to breathe on your own. As with the oral method, you will often fall asleep and experience some degree of amnesia.

3. IV Sedation, which is also known as “Deep Conscious Sedation” is usually used by oral surgeons or dentists with specialized training and special certification. The medications are administered directly into the blood stream by IV. The major advantage of IV Sedation is that if someone requires more sedation, more medication can be administer with instantaneous effects. Because of the specialized advanced training and certification required, IV Sedation is not commonly used in most dental offices. The drugs used for IV Sedation are more effective than the same drugs taken orally. Additionally, there is more profound amnesia associated with IV Sedation.

The two most common types of medication offered by General and Restorative Dentists who utilize sedation:

* Oral Conscious Sedation
* Inhalation Sedation

With Oral (Enteral) Conscious Sedation and Inhalation Conscious Sedation, the patient will experience a state of very deep relaxation. You can still speak and respond to requests.

Oral Conscious Sedation
This Oral Medication is from a group of drugs referred to as Benzodiazapines.

Advantages to Dental Oral Sedation:
* Works well for most people
* It is safe and easy to monitor
* Easy to administer by swallowing a small pill
* Low Cost

Disadvantages of Dental Oral Sedation:
* Someone must drive you for your dentist appointment
* There is no analgesic thus no pain relief effect
* The sedation level is not changed easily

What medications are used for Dental Oral Sedation?

* The most common dental sedation medication is Halcion (triazolam). Halcion provides a deep level of relaxation and has an amnesia effect.

* The most common medication for children is a liquid called Versed (Medazolan)

Inhalation Conscious Sedation

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (“laughing gas”) is the most frequently used and primary means of sedation used in Dentistry. 35 percent of US dentists offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation to their patients.

Dental Inhalation Sedation – Advantages
* Works well for mild to moderate anxiety
* Flexible duration can be used for any appointment length
* Absolute Control. Can quickly control the level of sedation which may be altered moment to moment
* Rapid Onset
* There is an analgesic effect
* People recover quickly
* Very few side effects
* You can drive yourself to and from your dental appointment
* You can return to normal activities immediately

Disadvantages of Dental Inhalation Sedation:
* Claustrophobic patients do not like anything covering their nose
* Severe anxiety may require a deeper level of sedation
* Not indicated for people who have respiratory problems (Asthma and Emphysema)

Medications used for Dental Inhalation Sedation
* Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
* Oxygen (O2)

The machine’s safety features ensure that a patient receives no less than 30 percent oxygen mixed with Nitrous Oxide. On average, usually the patient receives between 50 to 70 percent oxygen.

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